RT – Action Plan for CPAN Authors


CPAN RT is going away. CPAN authors have until the beginning of March to extract any useful information from it. RT is the “Request Tracker”, a bug tracking system that is written by Best Practical. For almost as long as I can remember, anyone who uploads a module to CPAN gets a free ticket queue… Continue reading RT – Action Plan for CPAN Authors

Down the rabbit hole

Blog posts are like busses. You wait months for one and then two come along on consecutive days! Yesterday I wrote about how we didn’t need a blogging platform for the Perl community – all we really needed was a good-looking feed aggregator. I mentioned Perlsphere as one such aggregator. Then Matthew commented, saying that… Continue reading Down the rabbit hole

Blogging for Perl

I think it was at YAPC Copenhagen in 2008 that a small group of us first discussed the idea of building a shared blogging platform for the Perl community. It was over a year later that we launched blogs.perl.org. I remember a lot of discussions over that time where we tried to thrash out exactly… Continue reading Blogging for Perl

Several Small Bits of News

A few little bits and pieces, none of which justify a blog post to themselves. blogs.perl.org Some of you will have seen that Evozon’s grant to replace blogs.perl.org was cancelled a couple of months ago. This made me sad as I (along with the rest of the blogs.perl.org team) really want to see the current,… Continue reading Several Small Bits of News