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  • The present isn’t evenly distributed either

    The present isn’t evenly distributed either

    The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed – William Gibson The quotation above was used by Tim O’Reilly a lot around the time that Web 2.0 got going. Over recent months, I’ve had a few experiences that have made it clear to me that even the present isn’t particularly evenly…

  • GitHub Actions for Perl Development

    GitHub Actions for Perl Development

    You might remember that I’ve been taking an interest in GitHub Actions for the last year or so (I even wrote a book on the subject). And at the Perl Conference in Toronto last summer I gave a talk called “GitHub Actions for Perl Development” (here are the slides and the video). During that talk,…

  • GitHub Organisations

    GitHub Organisations

    I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoyed Olaf Alders’ talk, Whither Perl, at the Perl and Raku Conference in Toronto last month. I think it’s well worth spending forty minutes watching it. It triggered a few ideas that I’ll be writing about over the coming weeks and, today, I wanted to start by talking briefly…

  • The Perl and Raku Conference, Toronto 2023

    The Perl and Raku Conference, Toronto 2023

    It’s been over twenty years since I spoke at a conference in North America. That was at OSCON in San Diego. I’ve actually never spoken at a YAPC, TPC or TPRC in North America. I have the standard European concern about being seen to encourage the USA’s bad behaviour by actually visiting it, so when…

  • Mission (Almost) Accomplished

    Mission (Almost) Accomplished

    [This post might sound like I’m angry at people making it hard to make progress on some things. That’s not the case at all. I realise completely that people have limited time and they get to choose how they spend it. If people are too busy elsewhere or have moved on to other projects then…

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