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  • The Perl Community – A Modest Proposal

    Here’s a video of the lightning talk that I gave at the London Perl Workshop in November last year. This video (along with many other videos from the workshop) is also available at Presenting Perl.

  • London Perl Workshop Review

    Unfortunately O’Reilly’s Josette Garcia couldn’t be at the London Perl Workshop, so she asked if I could write something about it for her blog. It took me longer than it should have done, but my post has just been published over at Josetteorama. Hopefully Josette will be back at next year’s event. She was much…

  • Modern Core Perl Slides

    Here are the slides from the Modern Core Perl talk that I gave at the LPW yesterday. Modern Core Perl View more presentations from Dave Cross A great day at the workshop as always. And what a lot of people there were! Thanks to everyone who organised, spoke or attended.

  • Modern Core Perl

    The London Perl Workshop is in two weeks time. Have you registered yet? There are apparently 200 people signed up already. I’m going to be there giving a training course in the morning. It’s called Modern Core Perl and it will introduce many of the new features that have been added to the Perl core…