Selenium and Perl

Selenium and Perl

Some of you might remember the lightning talk I gave at the London Perl Workshop last year (it’s available on YouTube, I’ll wait if you want to watch it). In it, I said I planned to resurrect the Perl School brand, using it to publish Perl ebooks. One book, Perl Taster, was already available and… Continue reading Selenium and Perl

Regenerating Perl School

About five years ago I ran a few training courses under the Perl School brand. The idea was simple – if you price training courses cheaply and run them at the weekend then you eliminate the most common reasons why people don’t keep their Perl knowledge up to date. Of course, it’s not quite that… Continue reading Regenerating Perl School

Two Books

I’ve recently received review copies of a couple of new books. Here are the reviews of those books that I have submitted to Amazon. Designing the Internet of Things – Adrian McEwen & Hakim Cassimally (Wiley) I’ve been hearing people talking about “the internet of things” for a few years now. And I’ve always meant… Continue reading Two Books