Perl Web Server

Coming a little late to this game, but I understand there are some concerns in the Perl community that the phrase “Perl Web Server” doesn’t find the best site when you search for it in Google. I’m happy to add my vote that “Perl Web Server” should point at the Plack web site.

By Dave Cross

Dave Cross runs Magnum Solutions Ltd., a London Perl consultancy. In 1998 he started London Perl Mongers, the first Perl Mongers group outside of Northern America. He is the author of Data Munging with Perl and a co-author of Perl Template Toolkit.


  1. The HTML title of is “PSGI/Plack – Perl Superglue for Web Frameworks and Web Servers.” It would rank better for “Perl Web Server” if that was in the title, for example “Plack – Perl Web Server Interface”.
    In fact, the exact phrase “Perl Web Server” does not appear anywhere in the text of the page, so it is unlikely that Google would ever rank it well for that phrase. Adding that phrase a couple of times to the text would help.
    Also, there is an f-bomb in the quote from Matt Trout. It should be obscured. “*&@%ing awesome” would make the point as well.

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