Talks from Kiev

It has only been a few weeks since YAPC::Europe in Kiev and already all of the videos are available on YouTube. Here are the recordings of my three talks.

On the first day I spoke about “25 Years of Perl”.

Later that day I was one of the lightning talk speakers. My talk starts at about 52 minutes.

Then on the second day I spoke about “Matt’s PSGI Archive”.





2 responses to “Talks from Kiev”

  1. oylenshpeegul Avatar

    Terrific talks! Thanks for sharing!

    I think we can all agree that LinkedIn is terrible. Does it follow that it’s something that needs to be fixed? Maybe if we ignore it it will go away.

    1. Dave Cross Avatar

      But the LinkedIn groups are a great way to talk to people who don’t consider themselves part of the Perl community. If we can use that to spread information about up to date Perl practices then it’s got to be worth taking all the crap, hasn’t it?

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