Moose Course This Saturday

I’m running another Perl School this Saturday (6th April). This time the subject is Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose. I ran a two-hour taster version of this course at the London Perl Workshop back in November, but this is the full six-hour version. Tickets are £30 each.

The course is run at Google Campus on the outskirts of the City of London. There’s a full list of topics and a booking form over on the Perl School web site.





2 responses to “Moose Course This Saturday”

  1. Will Avatar

    Any chance of allowing virtual attendees to this or future Moose trainings?

    1. Dave Cross Avatar

      Hi Will,

      This question has come up quite frequently recently. Recently enough that I was galvanised into adding a FAQ page to the Perl School web site 🙂

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