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OpenTech is an annual one-day conference in London where geeks get together and share information about cool things they are doing with technology. The emphasis is on projects that improve society in some way so you’ll see a lot of talks about really interesting projects. Usually the talks concentrate more on the user aspects of the projects and it’s rare to hear very much detail about the underlying technologies.

I was therefore slightly surprised to be invited to invited to give a talk about Modern Perl at this year’s conference. But I grasped the opportunity to speak to a room of geeks who might not be keeping up to date with Perl technology.

The slides are now on SlideShare. Bear in mind that I was aiming at a non-Perly crowd and that I only had twenty minutes – so it’s possible that I didn’t have time to cover your favourite Modern Perl project.






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    I’d be careful recommending TryCatch to anyone at this point. It *still* doesn’t work with 5.12 and no one seems to care enough to fix it.

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