Fedora and Centos CPAN RPMs

Today I’ve updated my spreadsheets of the CPAN modules that are available as RPMs from various repositories for Fedora and Centos. I see that in many cases the “official” repos are now more up to date than my own repo (which I originally set up because the official repos are sometimes out of date).

This is all a precursor to doing a lot more work on my repo. I need to know which RPMs are being kept up to date by other people so that I can ignore those modules.

But I thought that other people might find the data useful or interesting.






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  1. Paul Howarth Avatar
    Paul Howarth


    I have a decent collection of Fedora/CentOS perl module RPMs that you can find as directories of RPM files here:

    Or as a full-blown yum repository here:
    However, the yum repositories also have lots of other stuff I use in there as well as the perl modules.

    I also maintain some of these packages in Fedora and EPEL.

    Hope they’re of use to people!

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