Market Research

I hope no-one minds if I use this post to do a quick bit of market research.

I’m planning to run some more public Perl training courses in April. Until now when I’ve run these courses, they have been pretty generic beginners, intermediate and advanced courses. But now I’m thinking that it might be interesting to run more focussed courses.

I’m planning to keep the intermediate course (as that seems to be pretty popular). So that leaves me looking for two more courses to run. Current ideas include:

  • Testing
  • OO Perl (largely covering Moose)
  • Databases (largely covering DBIx::Class)
  • Web programming (touching on basic CGI but moving on swiftly to things like Catalyst and PSGI)

Does anyone have any opinions? What Perl courses would you like to see in London? What courses would you attend? Or, perhaps more importantly, what courses would your employers pay for you to attend?

Important SpamAssassin Update

Do you run SpamAssassin to remove spam from your mailbox? Have you noticed a fall in the amount of mail you’ve received in the last couple of days? I mean all mail, not just spam.

You might well be falling foul of this problem. The rules in the latest version of SpamAssassin available from CPAN include this rule.

And here are the scores for that rule:

Basically, any mail with a date header greater than 2009 is given a score of about 3. Depending on your local configuration and other rules that the mail might trigger, that might well increase the chance of legitimate mail being marked as spam.

So have a look in your spam folder. You might find some good stuff in there.

Of course, I might be the only person who has been caught by this. It’s possible that you all knew of the existence of sa-update and you’ve all got it running in a cronjob so you’re using the latest rules and not the eighteen month old set that I have. I’ll be setting that up today.

This has been a public service announcement for people who are as stupid as me.