Testing Syntax Highlighting

Right. I think I might have got this cracked now. Here’s some Perl code.

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it. I wonder what it’ll look like in the web feed.

I’ll try to feed my fixes back to the author of the plugin.

By Dave Cross

Dave Cross runs Magnum Solutions Ltd., a London Perl consultancy. In 1998 he started London Perl Mongers, the first Perl Mongers group outside of Northern America. He is the author of Data Munging with Perl and a co-author of Perl Template Toolkit.


  1. It looks like plain text in my RSS reader. Which is a bit of a shame really; My RSS reader will execute JavaScript, won’t yours? (I use NetNewsWire)

  2. Yeah, Google Reader would run JavaScript too (I think), but I’m not sure I want it too. I like the idea that it degrades to a <pre> tag in the web feed.

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