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Back in May, I spent an afternoon at Silicon MilkRoundabout. Silicon MilkRoundabout is a recruitment fair for techies. It’s specifically aimed at people who want to work for start-ups around the Old Street area (although they aren’t particularly stringent about sticking to that – for example, the BBC were there).

We were given a booklet containing details of all of the companies who were recruiting. Those details usually included information about the tech stack that the companies used.

Over the weekend, I went through that booklet and listed the programming languages mentioned by the companies. The results speak for themselves.

There were 135 companies at the event. About twenty of them unhelpfully listed their tech stack as “ask us for details”.

Here’s the graph:Usage of Programming Languages by Companies at Silicon MilkRoundabout

Usage of Programming Languages by Companies at Silicon MilkRoundabout

I’ll obviously have some more to say about this over the next few days. But I wanted to get the raw data out there as soon as possible.

By Dave Cross

Dave Cross runs Magnum Solutions Ltd., a London Perl consultancy. In 1998 he started London Perl Mongers, the first Perl Mongers group outside of Northern America. He is the author of Data Munging with Perl and a co-author of Perl Template Toolkit.


  1. Interesting and not really surprising to see perl down the bottom there (at least it was listed!)

    Was node.js not listed explicitly, or have you included that in the count for javascript?

  2. So which was the Perl company? We weren’t there in May but we have been to 2 Silicon Milkroundabout events (#1 and #5) where we were proudly flying the Perl flag of course 🙂 They are fantastic and I highly recommend them to anybody hiring or looking for work in London.

  3. Not sure if this could be accurate, I’ve worked for companies that used Perl a lot but would not report usage since some managers felt Perl’s negative reputation outside the community would ‘scare off’ recruitment efforts.

    Node is hot right now so no surprise to see JS at the top.

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