Evolving Software with Moose

Evolving Software with Moose from Dave Cross

Last night I was speaking at the Milton Keynes Perl Mongers technical meeting. I gave a new talk about how Moose (and, in particular, Moose traits) make Perlanet easier to maintain and enhance. The slides are available on Slideshare.





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  1. Zbigniew Lukasiak Avatar

    The start, with ‘Overriding this is hard’, reminds me ‘Constructor should not do any real work’ as in http://misko.hevery.com/code-reviewers-guide/flaw-constructor-does-real-work/ . Granted your constructor sometimes still does real work – with the _build_scrubber method – but you can easily sidestep that by providing ready made objects to the constructor.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Any chance of putting the slides up as a PDF-file somewhere? (You can’t download the PDF from slideshare without an account.)

  3. Carey Tilden Avatar
    Carey Tilden

    I only read the slides, so I might have missed something in the talk, but I’m not quite sure you got this right. A role can implement methods and still be a role. And a trait is a plain ol’ role that’s used in a very specific circumstance (applied to a metaclass). For reference:


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