Perl Vogue

I’m at YAPC::EU in Pisa, so I’m too busy having fun to write a long blog post about my new project – Perl Vogue. But I thought you might be interested in the lightning talk that I used to announce it yesterday.

Perl Vogue from Dave Cross

More detail when I get back from Italy in ten days.

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2 responses to “Perl Vogue”

  1. Алексей Капранов Avatar
    Алексей Капранов

    Nice idea. CPAN recommendation services are very much needed. I hope it won’t become yet another blog or “magazine” but a service showing current trends/recommendations.

  2. przemyslaw.wesolek Avatar

    A nice one. Although I’d use a sans-serif typeface for the magazine title, something lighter.
    One thing that bothers me is whether this “fashion” thing is a kind of herd instinct, as it used to be in a real fashion. I like the fresh breeze of Perl modules, but I certainly will use good old modules as long as they are suitable for my tasks.

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