This Makes Me Happy

I like it when my software is used to do interesting and useful stuff.

Alex Kapranoff has built to aggregate blogs about Perl in Russian. He has used a patched version of my module Perlanet. I’ll be taking a close look at Alex’s patches to see what I should bring back into the CPAN version of the module.





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  1. quappa42#cc261 Avatar

    Hello, David!
    Actually, there’s nothing in my clone of Perlanet and you could probably pull all changes. There’s a simple filter system which might be against your Perlanet philosophy but it’s too useful to ignore and Plagger is so monstrous that Perlanet won’t risk to compete with it for a very long time 🙂
    I’ll answer all your questions about my changes with pleasure.

  2. rokashevich Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the link to the site in my native language!

  3. Perl Hacks Avatar

    Perlanet Update

    Maybe it’s just me, but when I know that people are using my code it galvanises me into improving it. Following the discovery that people were actually using Perlanet, I’ve made quite a few releases over the last week or…

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