Mailing Lists

Over the years I’ve set up a few mailing lists for the discussion of various projects I’ve been involved with. There’s always an expectation that mailing lists will flourish without much input from me. But it never works out like that. The truth is that most mailing lists just quietly die. And, in many cases,… Continue reading Mailing Lists

London Perl Jobs Mailing List is undergoing one of its periodic reorganisations. We’re in the process of moving our web site over to a new server and as part of that move, we’ve decided that we’ll move our mailing list infrastructure to a third party system. Both the main discussion list and the announcements list will be run on… Continue reading London Perl Jobs Mailing List

Perl Recruitment Thoughts

Not many weeks go by when I don’t hear of another Perl-using company that has been evaluating alternative technologies. In most cases, it’s not because they think that Perl is a bad language to use. The most common reason I hear is that it is becoming harder and harder to find good Perl programmers. On… Continue reading Perl Recruitment Thoughts

London Perl Mongers Meeting

I thought you might be interested in a couple of events that the London Perl Mongers have coming up in the next couple of months. Technical Meeting 24th July 2014, Conway Hall Currently, four talks have been announced. Thomas Klausner (domm) from is going to talk about OX & AngularJS  Alex Balhatchet is going… Continue reading London Perl Mongers Meeting